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B.D. Ash Slides Archive


Am in the process of archiving B.D. Ash's slide collection.

Taking the slides, scanning them, and putting them on CD.

Below are online albums of slides already done.

The pictures in these albums are not touched up and the resolution is reduced for online display.

If you would like prints or high resolution pictures please contact me.

The picture names correspond to a database compiled by B.D. Ash.

The descriptions are also from the database.

If you have any other information (date, time, identification of person or place)

that you would like to share, let me know and I will update the picture information.

Here are the links to the albums completed so far:

 U 1-20

 W 621-640

 X 421-440

 Box AB 1-10

Box CD Blue Bend 1955 

Last updated 6 Jan 2005

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