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Spring of 1993 - Winter of 2004

We lost a dear friend today. Sophie passed away peacefully this afternoon


In the spring of 1993 we bought 3 dozen day old chicks. Sophie was one of them. As they grew we moved them to a chicken coup in the barn. During the day they roamed free range. At night we locked them in the coop to protect them from predators. All went well for a while. They began laying eggs - we had plenty. The flock flourished. We bought a rooster and named him Jake. He didn't last long, one of our dogs killed him. Over the years we eventually lost all but three hens. Raccoon killed most. Our dogs and a red fox took some. After raccoons became such a big problem (nightly raids on the chicken coop), Sophie and the two other remaining hens moved to the house to roost at night. Both of the other hens died some time ago - Sophie survived.


She has for years now roosted on the wood box outside the kitchen door at the old house. Meeting and greeting all who come and go. Her distinctive personality was apparent to all. She had the respect of all the other animal residents, large and small. One of her favorite things to do in the growing season was to follow the lawn mower and catch bugs. Has even gained some fame in her day - her picture featured on a credit card. Stopped laying eggs long ago. Looked poorly during her molting periods, but always regained her shiny plumage. Of late she had started to crow in the morning like a rooster - never understood that.


This winter was hard for her. She sustained a couple of attacks from an unknown predator - recovering from both. Today (14 Jan 2004) started out like many others. We're having a warm spell after some really cold days and nights. She came to eat - drank her water - clucked away like her old self. Laid down to sun herself on the back porch and peacefully passed away.

Sophie you will be sorely missed.

on the roost with Rosie - Sophie always got the inside position

Sophie and Rosie feeding in the barn



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