FAQ: Black Desert Online How To Put My Worker Into Potato Farming?

How do you farm potatoes in BDO?

How to Obtain. It can be produced at Bartali Farm, Finto Farm, and Loggia Farm. It can also be obtained by Farming Potato Seeds in a Garden or by Gathering potatoes using bare hands or a Hoe.

Where do workers put items BDO?

So you need to invest in the node and also the resource you like to gather via face to face with the Node Manager NPC. After you have done that you can click on Start Work button and your worker will start gathering and put the stuff he gathered in the storage which is next to the docks in Velia.

Is farming worth it BDO?

Farming is one of the most profitable uses for your Contribution Points, but if you don’t like it, it will just end up being a chore. After spending 100 Contribution on Strong Fences, it can be leveled fairly quick.

How do I get the best work in BDO?

BDO Workers: Building the Best Worker Empire

  1. gather materials from nodes, saving you time gathering manually.
  2. build items in workshops, such as gear, ships, horse gear, furniture, trade crates, and more.
  3. level, promote, and fire workers.
  4. train and exchange helpful skills that cater to your game goals.
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How do potatoes get Genshin impact?

Get Potato at General Goods Shops You can buy Potato at General Goods Shops in Mondstadt and Second Life in Liyue Harbor.

How do you farm corn in BDO?

How to obtain. It can be produced at Toscani Farm. It can also be obtained by Farming Corn Seeds in a Garden or by Gathering corn using bare hands or a Hoe.

Where can I find vegetables in BDO?

Gathered in the wilderness from plants or trees or gained through farming from seeds in fenced gardens.

How many workers can you have BDO?

Hiring workers Each town can have 1 worker by default. If you would like more than one worker, you will need to have enough lodging in the town.

How do I fire workers BDO?

The worker management is located at the bottom right of the world map, or through the mining pick button located beneath your experience bars. Via the worker management, you can check their job progress, restore their Action Points, send them through an upgrade test, cancel their remaining work order, or fire them.

What BDO workers eat?

You can use any type of grain among Wheat, Potato, Sweet Potato, Corn, and Barley. All other ingredients are available from NPC vendors. Grilled Bird Meat is also a good worker stamina food. Chicken Meat can be produced in Bartali Farm and Finto Farm nodes.

Can workers cook for you BDO?

In Black Desert Online ( BDO ) players have the option to assign workers to retrieve items from production nodes. As with anything, nothing is free. Workers will work for you as long as you feed them. Workers accept payment in beer, chicken, and other food items that can be made by cooking.

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Can you move workers BDO?

The worker can lodge anywhere in the territory the city is in. As long as there is a node connection you can assign workers to work in other territories – but can not move a worker’s lodging to another region.

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