FAQ: Kings Raid How To Start Farming Hell?

How do you unlock Hell mode in Kings raid?

Hell Mode. Hell mode chapter 1 through 6 is unlocked after clearing chapter 6 hard level stage 6-21.

Where can I farm skill books in Kings raid?

Skill books are used to learn class skills and are acquired from the Stockade, Guild Raid Shop, and May’s Shop.

Is Kasel good king’s raid?

Very good for starter teams. You can switch her out with other priests later, but she’s worth building anyway since her UW gives some Crit and Crit dmg boost. Some people still use her in PvP, but her shield can be dispelled, which makes her less useful than PvP-specific priests like Cass or Leo.

What is CC in King’s raid?


Stat Effect
CC ACC Accuracy of CC skills to cause effect
CC Resist Chance to resist Crowd Control skills
Crit Critical Chance a hit will use the Crit DMG bonus to a skill or auto-attack.
Crit DMG Critical Damage % bonus extra damage (100% + Crit DMG% of current attack is the crit dmg atk value).


How do you unlock dragon raid in King’s raid?

Unlocked when you level a Hero to 30, and is one of the end-game contents of King’s Raid. Dragon Raids are where you farm your Legendary (Yellow) gear. The thing with Legendary gear is that it can be enhanced all the way to +20, and it has an additional set effect (also present in Ancient Gear).

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How do you unlock new characters in Kings raid?

You can purchase them with Gems at the store. Gems can be earned by playing different game modes and completing missions. If you look at your game screen, you will a “Special Shop” tab at the middle bottom. Click on “Special Shop.” In there, you will find heroes that you can buy with Gems.

How do you recruit Kings raid?

To recruit new hero, you need to visit inn every day to increase relationship with the hero. This system will take some time. You can get new hero around 17 days per 1 hero. The hero will not leave the inn until you fill up the relationship bar or end the relationship.

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