FAQ: What Does Bud Run Mean Farming?

What is Bud Run?

Nug is a synonym for cannabis flowers that have been harvested from a mature cannabis plant. “Nug run ” is used to describe the concentrated oil extracted from dried and cured cannabis buds that have been exposed after trimming the fan leaves (also known as water leaves) and sugar leaves.

How do you play Bud farm?

How do I play Bud Farm: Grass Roots?!

  1. Plant and harvest as many seeds as you can.
  2. Make products in contraptions (buildings) or gizmos.
  3. Complete all the Quests available at the time.
  4. Complete as many jobs as you can.
  5. Sell as much as you can from your Stash and Storage in your Dispensary (unlocked at LVL 7)

How do you get buds on Bud farm?

Buds can be earned through many different ways! – Chests can be earned by completing Goals or finishing an Episode in the Bongo Session. – You can also purchase Chests in the Store for Gems. – Customer Bonuses from Businesses can earn you additional Cards and Buds.

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Is NUG run good?

Is Nug Run Better Than Trim Run? The answer to this question is somewhat subjective, but most cannabis connoisseurs seem to agree that nug run concentrates are superior to trim run. It’s easy to see how starting with high-THC cannabis flower will lead to a concentrate that’s better than one made with stems and leaves.

What does NUG run wax mean?

Nug run refers to cannabis concentrates or extracts that are made from only the bud or flower, also called ” nugs “, as opposed to ” trim run ” which refers to concentrates or extracts made with cannabis trim material such as leaves, stems, and popcorn buds.

How do you increase population in Bud farm?

You can bring more people on to your farm by hiring them from the Bus Stop! If you haven’t already set up your Bus Stop, you will need to be Level 11 or higher to do so. Just tap on your Bus Stop to start the Upgrade Process!

How do you get more slacker capacity in Bud farm?

Make them a slacker: Slackers just stand on your farm and give you coins now and then. The higher your population, the more slackers you’re allowed. Give them the boot: You’ll get a parting gift from them and they’ll ride away in the bus.

How do you restart Bud farm?

There is no functionality for a player to reset their game. If you are sure you want to restart (losing everything, including purchases), contact support and we can manually reset your game.

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How do you get customer bonus on Bud farm?

You receive a bonus for a Business when you hit certain milestones. Example milestones: 25 Customers. With each milestone you will earn:

  1. A speed or profit bonus for the Business.
  2. A small amount of Buds.
  3. A few Cards.

How many episodes Bud farm idle?

Currently there are 115 Episodes in the game, with more coming soon!

How do you get OG cheese on Bud farm?

OG CHEESE is one of the plants that can come from Mystery Seeds! If you get OG Cheese from a mystery seed (or from buying on Floyd’s List) you can then use it to make Baked Cheese in your Bakery.

What’s the difference between NUG run and trim run?

The main difference is that nug run is produced from cannabis buds and trim run is produced using leaves and other material coming from parts of the cannabis plant that have been removed from harvested plants.

Is Kief a Trichome?

Kief is the term for the accumulated trichomes, or resin glands, sifted from cannabis flowers through a mesh screen or sieve. Trichomes secrete a sticky resin containing the terpenes and cannabinoids that give cannabis its unique qualities. As concentrated resin glands, kief is a potent form of cannabis.

What is NUG run sugar sauce?

Sugar sauce is your answer. A cannabis extract that has past sugary sitting in a liquid consistency containing high amounts of terpenes. Enjoy sugar sauce, one of the most flavorful extracts.

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