FAQ: What Dungeons Are Best For Farming City Rep Wow?

What is the best dungeon to farm rep with Tabard?

For solo tabard rep farming, Burning Crusade heroic dungeons are the best. Their rep gains don’t go down as you over level them.

Can you get rep from dungeons wow?

Dungeon Farming for reputation involves completing various 5 man instances over and over until you reach exalted reputation with the associated faction. Almost every mob you kill will award rep.

What dungeons give rep with tabards?

These tabards give players reputation with that city in Azeroth, level 80+ Wrath, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria dungeons.

Do dungeons give Rep Shadowlands?

Earning Reputation in Shadowlands Players gain barely any reputation with the zone factions while questing, instead having to complete activities at max level in order to do so. So far, it seems players will gain the most reputation from completing dungeon quests and doing World Quests.

Do tabards still give rep?

Patch 4.3. 0 (2011-11-29): Wearing Horde or Alliance racial faction tabards now grants reputation in Burning Crusade dungeons as well. Patch 4.0. 3a (2010-11-23): Wearing Horde or Alliance racial faction tabards now grants reputation to that city faction while in any non-Burning Crusade dungeon.

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How do I gain rep with exalted?

You can increase reputations using several methods, including:

  1. Completing quests aligned with the faction, including repeatable reputation quests.
  2. Killing certain creatures.
  3. Doing level-appropriate dungeons while wearing a faction’s Championing tabard.

What dungeon gives the most rep?

Why The Mechanar? This is the most efficient dungeon to run for Reputation since you can run it in less than 6 minutes. And it provides 2600 Reputation per run without Diplomacy making it 2860 Reputation with only Human passive.

How much rep is exalted with friendly?

Exalted only has 1000 points and reputation caps at 999. Points it takes to get from one level to the next: Neutral to Friendly: 3,000 points. Friendly to Honored: 6,000 points. Point per level.

Level Points
Exalted 1000
Revered 21000
Honored 12000
Friendly 6000


Which Wotlk dungeons give rep?

You can only get rep through level 80 dungeons, and there is no other way to get rep from instances (other than quests).

How do you get rep with Bilgewater Cartel?

The best way to grind Bilgewater Cartel rep – go to Heroic Pit of Saron, clear to the last boss, and never kill him. Just kill the adds that spawn in the tunnel. Each one gives 15 rep, and as long as you don’t kill the boss you can seriously farm rep for hours.

Can I sell my tabards wow?

Yes. The only ones you would want to keep are the old ones that give rep, and only if you aren’t already exalted. Yeah pretty much. One thing to note however is that if you buy an appearance item, learn it, then sell it back immediately, you lose the appearance.

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How much rep is a bijou?

Reputation. Each Bijou gives 75 Zandalar Tribe reputation for being destroyed, and the resulting Zandalar Honor Token gives 50.

Do tabards still give Rep BFA?

Bosses give 300 rep if you have a tabard that grants the “______ Champion” buff equipped. I was surprised when I got exalted with Ironforge while doing a heroic. They don’t replace any rep gain so if you need to level up an old reputation just equip one of those tabards.

Do rep tabards work in raids?

User Info: count_hamstein. Faction rep for dungeons. All dungeons still give rep if you wear a tabard. Doesn’t work in raids.

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