FAQ: When Farming Items What Sort Of Loot Should The Group Be Set To?

What is FFA loot?

Free-for-all: ( FFA ) First-come, first-serve.

What are legacy loot rules?

With Legacy loot rules enabled, all bosses are guaranteed to drop loot, with raid bosses dropping five items each, making solo runs incredibly rewarding.

What does 2×4 farm mean?

2×4 (pronounced 2 by 4) farming is farming that tries to maximize the kill speed on mobs while taking advantage of group loot privileges.

How does Group Loot work in WoW?

Group Loot is a loot distribution system similar to round robin that allows players to roll for higher quality items. The party or raid leader chooses what the threshold is for items (green Uncommon, blue Rare, or purple Epic). This system is best for a Pickup Group (PuG).

What does FFA stand for now?

The letters “ FFA ” stand for Future Farmers of America.

What is FFA motto?

Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. FFA Code of Ethics.

Are legacy raids personal loot?

With 8.0 Blizz is changing loot rules. Personal loot is standard – no more master looter. Then there’s legacy loot. With legacy loot, any raid or dungeon that you are 10 levels above will drop the correct amount of loot per boss depending on difficulty.

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How does personal loot work?

As it stands right now – on Personal loot if you win an item that is a higher iLevel than any other item you own for that slot, the item cannot be traded. If the item is equal or lower iLevel, it can be traded.

Are old raids personal loot?

In the Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch, the method of loot distribution in both in current and old raids are being updated. In current raids, Master Loot will be removed forcing players to use Personal Loot and, for limited items like the untradeable Mythic Argus mount, this change may bring up complications.

How does 2×4 farm work?

Simply put, 2×4 refers to two groups of four players — eight players in all. A normal group (not a raid group) can usually have up to five members. When someone from that group kills a normal enemy, all five members can loot that enemy. This only works with two groups of four or fewer players.

Is Wow loot shared?

Loot from Personal Loot is tradeable to anyone in the group, as long as it is also not an ilvl upgrade for yourself. [Seal of Broken Fate], will be given a chance to spend the token for another try at loot from a recently defeated boss. This can be done on any difficulty as well as on world bosses.

What is the best loot system for classic wow?

I’ve been researching some of the popular guild loot systems, and in my opinion, EPGP seems to be the most fair, thoughtful, and easiest to maintain.

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What is the difference between group loot and need before greed?

Group Loot: Party members can roll on powerful items. Need Before Greed: Only party members who can use the item can roll on it. Free-for-All: Anyone can loot anything. Make sure you establish loot rules with your group before getting too far into your adventure.

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