FAQ: Where Do I Get Fel Scale Farming In Wotlk Horde?

Where do you get FEL scales in Wotlk?

The best place to farm Fel Scales is by slaying Marshrock Stomper and Marshrock Threshalisk right above The Dire Mire, Zangarmarsh. The basilisks are dense and respawns quickly, just be careful with the cliff edge.

Where do I get fel scales?

The best place to farm Fel Scales is Dead Mire’s edge. Plenty of mobs (Marshrock Stompers), and a nice respawn rate.

Where can I farm FEL hide?

The best place to farm Fel Hide is Arklon Ruins in Netherstorm. Artifact Seekers have the highest chance to drop Fel Hide, and they respawn quickly. You can also farm Warp Chasers around Manaforge Duro. They have the same drop rate as the Artifact Seekers and also respawn quickly.

Where can I farm fel scales TBC?

The best place to farm these fel scales are the Quillfang Ravagers and Skitterers. Very easy to kill and about 20% drop chance. Estimated 25 per hour.

Where can I farm thick clefthoof leather?

The best place to farm Thick Clefthoof Leather is around Garadar in Nagrand. There are plenty of Clefthoof Bulls roaming around the area, and they have the highest chance to drop Thick Clefthoof Leather.

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Where can I farm Borean leather?

The Ruby Sanctum – Raid The best place to farm Borean Leather is The Ruby Sanctum raid, but you have to be at least level 40 to farm there efficiently.

Where can I farm leather TBC?

The best place to farm Knothide Leather is in Shadowmoon Valley at Oronok’s farm. Each Domesticated Felboars will respawn in 1 minute, so you can basically never run out of them. These boars drop no loot and give no XP, but they are skinnable.

How do you make heavy knothide leather?

Sources. This item is crafted by Leatherworkers with a skill level of 325. in limited quantity. Each [ Knothide Leather ] is craftable from 5 [ Knothide Leather Scraps], so a leatherworker can make 1 [ Heavy Knothide Leather ] from 25 [ Knothide Leather Scraps].

How do I farm Felhide Legion?

You can get these from skinning demons after completing Felhide Sample. A good spot to farm them is on the western peninsula of Azsuna, just west of the Illidari Perch flight point (31,46). There are also some other mobs around, but mostly Manastalkers that gave me 4-5 Felhides per mob at rank 1.

Where can I farm nether dragon scales?

The best place to farm Nether Dragonscales would be Blade’s Edge Mountains in the Outlands. The Nether Whelp and Lesser Nether Drakes are easy to slay and efficiency.

Where can I farm Primal Shadow?

The Void Ridge on Hellfire seems to be the best place to farm these. Manaforge Ultris has tougher mobs and longer spawn times. I used to get one primal shadow each time I started from the bottom end of the ridge and went to the top part. The mobs drop easily.

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