Often asked: How To Beat Farming Farming Th9 Clash Of Clans?

What is the best farming strategy for TH9?

Which strategy is best for TH9 farming? WiPe to climb trophies and mass Goblins to drop. The goal is to stay withing a good trophy range for farming. For TH9 that’s probably about 1500 to 1700 trophies up to around 2200.

Which is the best farming Army for TH9?

Golem, wizards, Pekka or (withches or Valkyrie) in place of pekka. This army you get to use at th9 and you can use it even at th10 or th11. Another option you have is Dragon army that will help you in push and you will have experience of it as well beacuse at th8 i am sure you all have done a lots of dragon attacks.

Is Barch good COC?

Introduction: ” Barch ” stands for (B)arbarians and (ARCH)ers. It is one of the more commonly used attacks, and it is used because it is Elixir efficient and trains relatively fast, and can swarm weaker bases if used correctly. This strategy is both good for farming (especially Elixir) and pushing your trophies.

Which attack is best for th10?

Army Composition: 3 Golems, 10 Witches, and 5 Bowlers. Your spell complement should be 2 Heal Spells, 2 Rage Spells, 1 Jump Spell, and a Poison Spell (if the enemy has a defensive Clan Castle, if not then use a Freeze Spell).

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How do you Gowipe TH9?

drop down about half of your wizards in a line behind the P.E.K.K.A. drop rage on as many troops as possible if your golems haven’t broken through the first layer of walls yet and drop your WBs to destroy the walls.

What is Goblin knife?

Goblin Knife is one of the most effective farming techniques currently and is famous for farming Dark Elixir while upgrading Heroes. The name describes the attack pretty well – it’s a very fast attack that goes right into the heart of a base within seconds.

What is farming Army in COC?

This is a new attack strategy created by FalterWang in the clan “brolyfe.” When using this attack strategy, only use it for farming, and you can either have 12 archers, 12 barbarians, or 6 of both.

How do you do the Queen walk TH9?

Heroes must be level 15 and above. But can be done with lower level heroes as long as you face a base with similar strength as yours considering you’re new to TH9. Drop the Archer Queen on a position where she’s a bit far from the enemy Queen and Clan Castle and support her with the Healers.

What are the max levels for th9?

The max Level for:

  • Archer tower: 10.
  • Wizard tower: 7.
  • Canon: 10.
  • Xbows: 3.
  • King: 30.
  • Queen: 30.
  • Barbarian: 6.
  • Archer: 6.

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