Often asked: How To Start Cocoa Farming?

How much money does a cocoa farmer make?

Many cocoa farmers earn less than $1/day. Farmers are often unable to bear the costs of cocoa farming, turning instead to child labour.

How long does it take for a cocoa tree to bear fruit?

Growing a cacao tree — the plant whose pods are made into chocolate — takes patience. It takes three to five years for a cacao seed to become a fruiting tree.

Is growing cocoa profitable?

As mentioned before, growing cocoa in India as a profitable crop is possible when inter-cropping is done scientifically. According to some calculations, a farmer can earn up to Rs 60,000 per acre of land along with coconut, from which he can earn Rs. 30,000 per acre.

How many years does it take cocoa to grow?

Cocoa Planting and Maturity After cocoa seeds are planted, it usually takes between three and five years to yield the first crop. Cocoa Hybrid varieties however can yield crops within two and three years.

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How many chocolate bars does 1 kg of cocoa make?

You can also visit a chocolate maker in your area or their website and beg them to sell you a 3 kilos of cacao- this can cost about $20 US dollars per kilo but it will yield you about 30 bars, 50 grams each, 70% chocolate.

Is cocoa farming a good business?

But not enough of that money is reaching farmers. A recent survey by Fairtrade International found that the average household income of cocoa farmers in West Africa is $2707/year, which is only about a third of what would be considered a livable income.

What type of soil does cocoa grow in?

What kind of soil is best? Cacao needs soil that is nutrient-rich, retains water well and has good drainage. Soils that consist of large, coarse particles are ideal as they leave free space for the roots to grow.

Do chimpanzees love the taste of cocoa?

Cocoa trees grow best in the rainforest. Chimpanzees love the taste of sticky, sweet cocoa beans.

How do you speed up tree growth?

Your tree root systems should be surrounded by good soil, and in the beginning, mulch to encourage growth. You can also use a fertilizer with root stimulator to help. If your tree roots are not pulling in water, it may be because the soil around the tree is hard or poor quality.

Why do cocoa farmers earn so little?

As a result of low yields due to poor farming practices, aging trees and limited access to inputs such as fertilizer and planting materials. The average cocoa farmer’s income is significantly below the World Bank’s extreme poverty line of USD 1.

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What is the largest cocoa producing country?

The Ivory Coast and Ghana are by far the two largest producers of cocoa, accounting for more than 50 percent of the world´s cocoa.

Why is chocolate so cheap?

additives to cut costs Big chocolate manufacturers use many escamotages to keep the price of their products low. Cocoa butter is a very expensive ingredient, often replaced by big chocolate manufacturers with cheaper alternatives. Other ingredients that are used in the place of cocoa butter are emulsifiers.

How much water does a cocoa tree need?

Depending upon rainfall, the cacao will need between 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm.) of water per week. Don’t let it get soggy, though.

Where does cocoa grow best?

The growing area for cacao ranges from approximately 10° north to 10° south of the Equator. Most cacao is grown in Africa but cacao is now also cultivated in a tropical belt worldwide. The Ivory Coast and Ghana are the world’s top two producers, followed by Indonesia, Nigeria and Cameroon.

What time of year is cocoa harvested?

Ivory Coast and Ghana harvest cocoa throughout the year, producing two crops. The larger, main crop is harvested from October to March while the less productive midcrop harvest goes from April to September.

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