Often asked: What Is Poly Farming?

Is Polyhouse farming profitable?

Polyhouse farming is 100% profitable if done the right way, however constructing a Polyhouse can be expensive, building a commercial Polyhouse can run into few crores of rupees. Even though Polyhouse farming subsidies reduce the burden, Polyhouse construction is not for every farmer.

Why is Polyhouse farming?

Benefits of Polyhouse Farming Your plants are grown under controlled temperature thus there is less chances of crop loss or damage. There are less pests and insects in a polyhouse. External climate will not have any impact of the growth of crops. Quality of produce is obviously higher in polyhouse.

What is Polyhouse used for?

Poly Houses. Poly houses are basically naturally ventilated climate controlled. Jain Poly houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization, fruit crop growing for export market.

What is the cost of Polyhouse in India?

Polyhouse Cost, Polyhouse Profit, and Polyhouse Subsidy

Fixed Cost Items (in Indian rupees) for Polyhouse Subsidy
Land and development Rs.4, 50,000
Furniture related Rs.75, 000
Total Fixed Cost Rs.81, 75,000 (eighty-one lakh seventy-five thousand)


What crop can I grow to make money?

10 Most Profitable Specialty Crops to Grow

  • Lavender. Lavender farming can produce above-average profits for small growers, as it is such a versatile crop.
  • Gourmet mushrooms.
  • Woody ornamentals.
  • Landscaping trees and shrubs.
  • Bonsai plants.
  • Japanese maples.
  • Willows.
  • Garlic.
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Which bank is best for agriculture loan?

State Bank of India (SBI) is the market leader when it comes to agriculture -related financing. It has a wide network of branches spread across the country and offers financing facility to nearly 1.01 crore farmers. SBI offers a whole range of services to facilitate agriculture and allied activities.

How do you build a low cost poly house?

Low – cost polyhouse was constructed using locally available bamboo and metallic wire for developing the frame. UV stabilized film of 200ยต (800 gauge) was used for covering the roof and 75% shade net on the side walls. The estimated cost of construction of a 100 m2 size polyhouse varied between Rs. 13000 to 15000.

What are the benefits of precision farming?

The Benefits of Modern Precision Farming

  • Simplified Farming Processes.
  • More Cost-Efficient Farming.
  • More Time on Their Hands.
  • Higher Yields and More Profitability.
  • Better Quality Produce.
  • Less Waste.
  • Less Debt.
  • Higher Quality of Life.

What are the advantages of Sunday farming and family farming?

Agricultural and rural growth also benefit the urban poor by creating more wealth and jobs while offering more and cheaper food. Family farming protects biodiversity and the environment. Family farming is a source of genetic diversity that uses seed varieties and livestock breeds well adapted to various environments.

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