Often asked: When Should I Start Farming Wyvern Epic Seven?

How do you Wyvern Epic 7?

1. Apply 2 or more debuffs

  1. Decrease the damage from Wyvern.
  2. Delay the barrier phase which means faster run.
  3. Applying debuffs like Defense break and Attack debuffs will speed up the run and make each run more consistent.

Why is Wyvern Epic 7?

Doing Wyvern Hunt is important simply because of the importance of gear. Not just any gear, but gear of particular sets–Critical, Hit, and Speed. Drake Claws collected during the Hunt are used to create these sets.

How much speed does a Wyvern need?

Base Creature Speeds

Creature Walking Swimming
Base Base
Alpha Fire Wyvern 690 3000
Alpha Karkinos 600 600
Alpha Leedsichthys 1350 1350


How do you farm money in Epic 7?

Here is a list of methods that is going to help you earn gold.

  1. 1 – Adventure Mode. Adventure mode will give you gold upon completing a map.
  2. 2 – Abyss Tower. The Abyss Tower is a great source for early game gold.
  3. 3 – Selling Penguins.
  4. 4 – Heart of Orbis.
  5. 5 – Boss Hunt.
  6. 6 – Dispatch Missions.
  7. 7 – Automaton Tower.
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How good is dizzy epic seven?

Dizzy is a very versatile AoE mage with strong crowd control. She can stun on skill 1, extend debuffs by 1 turn on skill 2 and decrease enemy combat readiness by 50%! For PvE content, she shines in various Abyss floors with her S3 debuffs, making strong enemies slow and hit for way less damage.

How fast is Wyvern 11?

Slower tanks can be easily lapped by the Wyvern’s high base speed of around 205.

Is Clarissa good for Wyvern?

Clarissa is a strong farmer, and, with some gearing, a good candidate for either Wyvern or PvP. She has one of the lowest CD’s for a very strong S3, paired with a very high ATK value and her Rage passive, which activates when an enemy is slain. Using her in Wyvern requires some speed investment.

Is Mistychain good epic seven?

As a strong Ice-element DPS with multiple ailments and a little supplemental healing, Mistychain is a perfect budget Wyvern hero. To build her for this job, prioritize Spd (so she can apply her debuffs early) and Effectiveness (so she can apply them at all).

Can Wyvern be provoked?

Wyvern is immune to Stun, Slow, Provoke, Silence and Decrease Combat Readiness.

Is Griffin faster than Wyvern?

Wyvern better for travel overall due to better stamina consumption, griffin is more manuverable and quicker in bursts(if youve got insane stamina however griff will be quicker overall due to not having to land and regen) it depends if you expect to be attacked while flying, wyverns are big easy targets and your turning

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Is a Wyvern faster than an argentavis?

Argentavis – The Argy’s base speed is slow even compared to that of non-SE ARK creatures, and is no exception when compared to the Wyvern. Even boosted dramatically, the Wyvern’s base sprint outmatches the Argent greatly, making for faster, albeit shorter, transportation.

Is anything faster than a Wyvern ark?

Unless you’re playing on a modded server, there’s no flyer faster than a wyvern.

Where can I farm gold epic 7?

Best Place to Farm Gold

  • One of the most efficient ways to farm is doing Hunts, it will drop a good amount of gold and at the same time resources if you have enough firepower until you can do Hunt 13 but until then you can get by doing lower hunt stages.
  • List of Abyss Walkthrough.

What do you use penguins for in Epic 7?

  1. Penguins are classified as mosnters but they are not playable.
  2. Penguins can be obtain through Forest of Souls in the Sanctuary.
  3. The main use of Penguins is to enhance hero EXP much faster.
  4. Penguins can be converted for Gold and Silver Transmit stone.

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