Often asked: Where Does Korean Natural Farming Work?

Does Korean natural farming work?

“ Korean Natural Farming promotes life,” Englander says. “And it encourages self-reliance and closed-loop systems. It fits in perfectly with and compliments other self-reliant, regenerative agricultural practices, such as permaculture, biodynamics, and no-till.”

Who is Cho Han Kyu?

Cho Han Kyu gives technical guidance in creating agricultural materials from the obtainable natural resources of an area, making full use of local conditions and autochthonous microorganisms. Currently he is the leading expert in the field of Natural Farming, both in Japan and South Korea.

What is imo4?

The most widely discussed and utilized Natural Farming amendment is Indigenous Microorganism 4 ( IMO 4 ), which is a form of indigenous microorganism inoculated compost made from agriculture by-products, high in carbohydrates, and a moderate concentration of plant available nutrients.

What crops does South Korea grow?

Rice is the most important crop. Cultivation of a wide variety of fruits including tangerines and other citrus fruits, pears, persimmons, and strawberries, along with vegetables (especially cabbages) and flowers, has become increasingly important.

How does no till farming work?

In conventional no – till farming, farmers use herbicides to manage the weeds before and after sowing the seeds. The amount of herbicides used in this approach is even higher than the amount used in tillage -based farming, which causes a threat to the environment and human health.

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What is lab in KNF?

“Lactic acid bacteria” ( LAB ) refers to a large group of bacteria, rather than a single species or strain, that produce lactic acid as a by-product of digesting their food source (usually carbohydrates).

What are KNF inputs?

KNF Inputs. Korean Natural Farming aka KNF, Is a style of gardening created my Cho Han Kyu, better known as Master Cho. It focuses on indigenous microorganisms, fermented products, lactic acid bacteria serum, as well as many other natural inputs. It would be considered the back bone of KNF.

How do you use plant lab solution?

For your growing needs however mix 30ml or so with every litre of your plant’s water. The microbes will help cycle the nutrients in the soil making them more available to the plant! Add your LAB to compost – 30ml per litre and damp down every time you add to the pile or as you’re layering up.

What is fermented fruit juice?

Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) is an artificial honey. It is a nutritional activation enzyme and is very effective in natural farming. FFJ is a kind of FPJ that only uses fruits as its main ingredients. It is used to revitalize crops, livestock and humans. Prepare at least 3 fully ripened fruits, either picked or fallen.

What is fermented sea water?

What Is Fermented Seawater? Fermented Seawater is an input in Korean Natural Farming that utilizes seawater, sugar, fermented plant juice, and rice water to create a liquid fertilizer, rich in trace minerals and micronutrients. It has been tested to show that it helps produce tastier more nutrient dense foods.

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What is IMO in organic farming?

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) takes advantage of indigenous microorganisms ( IMO ) (bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa) to produce fertile soils that yield high output without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

How do I collect IMOs?

To collect IMOs from the forest, fill a wooden box (or split bamboo internode) up to 7 cm long with steamed rice. Do not compact the rice, as you need to accommodate both anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms. Cover the box with porous paper (to allow air to move in and out) tied snugly with string or a rubber band.

Can you use brown rice for IMO?

IMO #1. In terms of the production of the IMO culture, the first step is to partially cook a grain media. This is usually organically grown brown rice, though we have used other pesticide-free grains as well.

What is natural farming system?

Some call it Organic Farming, some Nature Farming, others Natural Farming. There are subtleties that can make them a little different, but the commitment is to safe, quality food production without chemical inputs. If we feed the soil organic matter, then the microbes will feed the plant.

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