Question: Best Gear To Wear When Going Rep Farming Aqw?

How do you farm rep in Aqw?

Simply go to Swordhaven (/join swordhaven) or Newbie (/join newbie). Wear a multi class, kill any slime until you acquire the Youthanized quest item. You only need 1 quest item for 250 rep, making for a very fast rep grind.

How do you get Chronospan Rep fast?

Fastest way is to grind it out while there’s server boosts. Your boosts stack, so if you also use a rep boost and a +25% rep item (cape of awe works), you get 5x the rep. Dailies give more rep obviously, but you’ll take longer if you rely on them.

Where do you get chaos slayer?

Purchase from the Chaos Slayer Class shop in /Mountdoomskull. There are 4 variants available, that being Chaos Slayer Mystic, Thief, Cleric, and Berserker.

Is Troll Spellsmith still good?

From my personal experience, Troll Spellsmith is by far the best option between the two classes. Its first skill is great for farming and deals great damage and it can also be buffed from your last skill stacks.

What does blade of awe do?

The wielder of this legendary artifact is granted massive power. Even death is subjugated by this awe inspiring magical blade. The blade does extra damage the higher your level.

How do you get the Cape of awe in Aqw?

Talk to Valencia in /Museum and click ‘Armour of Awe ‘ then ‘ Awe Passes’. Purchase the Armour of Awe Pass if you’re a non-member or the Legendary Awe Pass if you’re a member. From here, click ‘ AQW Hero’ or ‘ AQW Legend’ then ‘Quests’ and accept ” Cape of Awe “.

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