Question: How Does Farming For Gear In Uvhm Work Bl2?

How do you farm in UVHM?

You can farm them at the wildlife exploitation preserve by taking the doctors orders mission but not completing it. Go through the preserve, and the room with all of the badass skags, then go to the room with the red chest and open the cardboard boxes.

Does everything scale in UVHM?

User Info: pk1154. IN UVHM, enemies scale to your level always. (Actually they scale to the level of the highest-leveled member of the party, but you’re playing solo.) You will never out-level the enemies no matter where you go.

Can you farm Uranus bl2?

Uranus is located in the Helios Fallen area, and since there’s an orange fast travel point right outside of the boss arena, this means that you can get to him easily and farm him repeatedly. All you have to do is make sure that you actually complete the quest for Tiny Tina, and go back to the Back Burner to turn it in.

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Do weapons scale in UVHM?

The weapons will automatically scale with you alongside enemies in UVHM. The general strategy people like to use with UVHM is to always carry a slag weapon.

How do you farm Moonshot?

A lot of people seem to think that to properly moonshot farm The Warrior you need to either be in split screen or dashboard/signout with a buddy or yourself as host. Simply put, you don’t. You can load in, call the moonshot, pick up the legendary, and save & quit.

What level should I start UVHM bl2?

You should start UVHM as close to level 50 as possible. If you are already level 50 or above, you should start it immediately.

Is UVHM too hard?

You can still use it on console, it’s just a bit more tedious than PC. Leveling up in UVHM is pretty painful IMO without farming for new gear every few levels or so, so even if you get thru the initial challenge things will be more tough and grindy (unless you enjoy the farming and grinding, in that case good for you).

Does UVHM increase drop rates?

vgj: Do bosses have higher drop rates (Badaboom from King Mong etc) than world drops /Legendary Loot Migdets etc? Yes, definitely.

What is the max level in Borderlands 2 Normal mode?

r/ Borderlands2 Normal mode caps at level 30, except a few DLCs that cap at 35. Enemies can be up to two levels above yours (so 32 in the main game).

Does Uranus Respawn BL2?

For those who do not know, in order to farm Uranus again and again after defeating him for the first time, you have to go back to the backburner to check on Mordecai after doing that Uranus will start respawning.

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What does Uranus drop?

From the drops of Uranus ‘ blood that fell on her were born the Furies, the Giants, and the Meliai (ash-tree nymphs). The severed genitals floated on the sea, producing a white foam, from which sprang the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Cronus by his action had separated Heaven and Earth.

What Bosses should I farm in Borderlands 2?


  • Arid Nexus Badlands. 1.1 Bone Head 2.0. 1.2 Saturn.
  • Arid Nexus Boneyard. 2.1 DJ Hunter Hellquist.
  • Bloodshot Stronghold. 3.1 Dan, Lee, Mick, and Ralph.
  • The Bunker.
  • Caustic Caverns. 5.1 Badass Creepers.
  • The Dust. 6.1 Black Queen.
  • End of the Line. 7.1 Wilhelm.
  • Eridium Blight. 8.1 King Mong.

Does DLC scale in UVHM?

They scale to your level when you fast travel to the starting location, but don’t scale up in TVHM – if you want max level, you have to avoid travelling to them until you’ve completed main story. They do, however, scale up with you in UVHM, which is really nice.

Do quests scale in TVHM?

No, they’ll be at a fixed level in Normal and True which will be around the level that you are when it comes available. In Ultimate, they’re at the level at which to accepted the quest – so you can delay accepting the quest so you can get a higher level version. DLC items can be 35.

Does loot scale Borderlands 2?

No, you can’t.

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