Question: How Many Farming Patches Are In Gnome Stronghold?

How many magic trees can you find in the Gnome stronghold?

List of solutions

NPC Question Answer
Guard Vemmeldo How many magic trees can you find inside the Gnome Stronghold? 3
Hazelmere / Brimstail What is 19 to the power of 3? 6859
Hickton How many ranges are there in the Catherby? 2
Horphis On a scale of 1-10, how helpful is Logosia? 1


How many ranges are there in Catherby?

The answer to his challenge: How many ranges are there in Catherby? is: 2.

How many vine patches can you find in this Vinery Osrs?

There are twelve vine patches for players to use, and each seed planted grants the player 0.8% favour.

How many bottles are there on the stall?

However, if they already have one in their inventory or bank, they cannot pick another one up. List of solutions.

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Asked by Question Answer
Moldark, Emissary of Zamorak How many bottles are there on the stall to the east of Mr Ex? 7


Is it worth paying for magic trees?

Tree death rate is only around 12.5% so on average the value of protection is 12.5% of a magic seed’s cost and xp. Definitely not worth it, you’ll average like 1 tree lost per plant cycle for magics, not worth it to increase the cost that much to prevent 1 loss.

Does celastrus bark grow back?

Unlike other trees grown in farming patches which regenerate or produce more fruit, the celastrus tree does not regrow bark, but remains in a “harvested” state.

How many coins would you need to purchase 133 kebabs?

The answer to his challenge: How many coins would you need to purchase 133 kebabs from me? is: 399.

Is Waterfall Quest members only?

This article is about the quest. For its music track, see Waterfall (music track). This article has a quick guide found here. Waterfall Quest.

Release date 24 September 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Voice Over No
Official difficulty Intermediate
Quest series Elf Gnome

How much smithing experience does one receive for smelting an Blurite bar?

It’s a bar of blurite. A blurite bar is a bar of refined blurite. It can be created through the Smithing skill at level 8 by using blurite ore on a furnace, granting 8 Smithing experience.

Are Col anagram Osrs?

An anagram is a string of letters, which can be rearranged into another word or phrase. For example: orchestra is an anagram of carthorse. Medium Anagrams.

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Anagram Are Col
Solution Oracle
Location The peak of Ice Mountain west of Edgeville.
Challenge answer 48


How many cannons does Lumbridge Castle have?

Treasure Trails He will present the player with a challenge scroll which asks, ” How many cannons does Lumbridge Castle have?”, the answer to which is 9.

Does Osrs have ivy?

Ivy is a non-player character who can be found north of Port Sarim during the 2016 Christmas event. She is accompanied with Holly, who players speak to to begin the event.

How many bananas are in the plantation rs3?

There are 33 banana trees in the plantation, each with 5 bananas on each tree.

How many rocks are in the Remington mine?

The mine contains 2 tin rocks, 5 copper rocks, 6 iron rocks, 3 clay rocks, and 2 gold rocks. Many non-members use the gold rocks here, as they are the best way to mine gold ore until access to the Crafting Guild is acquired.

Where is the heart of the Haunted Woods?

Hint missing. Hint From Wiki – The location is east of the Fairy ring ALQ in the Haunted Woods. Players should be careful of the Vampires summoned by the spider roaming around that area.

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