Question: How Many Phoenix Feathers Farming Future Fight?

Where can I find phoenix feathers in future fight?

You get them from the Veiled Secret missions (or the Magneto missions if you buy the pack).

Where can I find M Kraan crystals?

Alternate Reality Versions On Earth-90214, the M’kraan Crystal is located inside the Tomb of the Heaven of the Temple of Inanna in Uruk; Babylon.

How do I farm MFF crystals?

There are actually a lot of ways to earn Crystals in Marvel Future Fight.

  1. Complete the daily challenges every day.
  2. Complete the daily challenges every day for one week, you get 30 Crystals.
  3. Log in daily, Netmarble is very happy with you loggin in daily and they reward you for it with a lot of free (let’s call it) items.

How do you get dormammu in future fight?

How to get Dormammu? You can acquire Dormammu’s biometrics from the special mission quest pack “The Ruler Of The Dark Dimension” by completing 200 hidden routes. After unlocking him, you’ll need 8800 black antimatter, 2700 chaos norn stones & 6008 biometrics to take him to 6/6/60 respectively.

What can the M Kraan Crystal do?

The M’Kraan Crystal is not simply a big, pink stone. Despite its simple external appearance, this crystal houses the nexus point to everything in existence. In the center of the crystal there is a neutron galaxy that serves as the nexus between all matter and anti-matter in the universe.

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How do you get free gems in future fight?

  1. Do daily challenge. We will get 5 daily challenge/day of you complete 5 daily challenge/day you will get 25 gems, and when you complete 6 day daily challenge (30 daily challenge) you will get 30 gems.
  2. Log-in everyday.
  3. Play timeline battle.
  4. Marvel future fight subscribers event (only until 22 may 2019)

How do you get Satana in Marvel future fight?

Satana can currently be farmed from the “Dark Advent” stage in the Dark Dimension missions, as part of the Doctor Strange Epic Quest.

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