Question: How Much Money To Make From Olive Farming?

Is olive tree farming profitable?

Starting an Olive Farm Olive farms are indeed very profitable in the mid and long term, provided the climate and the region are suitable for growing olive trees.

How much does it cost to produce olives?


Land Cost per Acre $1,000 to more than $50,000 in California
Cost to Prepare Land and Plant Trees $5,000 on average, very variable.
Cost to Maintain 1 Acre of Orchard per Year $500 – $2,000
Cost to Harvest per Ton $300 – $700, very variable by orchard style, variety and crop load.


How much does a mature olive tree yield?

A mature olive tree will produce only 15 to 20 kilograms (33 to 44 pounds) of olives each year. Since it takes about five kilograms of olives to make a liter of oil, one tree is capable of producing only about three to four liters of oil per year—a small output by any measure.

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Is making olive oil profitable?

How much profit can an olive oil store make? Most olive oil stores make between 10 to 15 percent profit based on total product sales. The profit margin for workshops and classes are much greater.

How much does it cost to plant an acre of olive trees?

But very roughly, figure that (using hired labor) it will cost about $7,500 per acre to plant, depending on how much soil work and site preparation you need to do.

Is there money in olive trees?

Planted at a spacing of around 5m x 8m, a hectare (2.2 acres) would support 250 trees, which should give you 10,000kg (ten tonnes!) of olives a year. At $1 per kilo, that is an income of $10,000 a year, but that will involve quite a bit of work and time.

How much does a pound of olives cost?


1 Olives — Average retail price per pound and per cup equivalent, 2016
2 Form Average retail price
4 Canned1,2 $5.09

How do you farm olives?

Planting Olives

  1. Plant olives in spring or fall; avoid planting olives during hot, dry summer weather.
  2. Prepare a planting site in full sun that is sheltered from a prevailing breeze or wind.
  3. Work well-rotted compost or manure into the soil.
  4. Dig a hole half again as deep and twice as wide as the tree’s roots.

How far apart should olive trees be planted?

Planting the trees with a 20-foot spacing between the trunks allows each olive plant to retain its own canopy without intertwining limbs with their neighbor. Because olive trees prefer full sunlight, this spacing prevents harmful shadowing that hinders fruit production lower on the canopy body.

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How many olives should I eat a day?

To keep your saturated fat intake within the recommended guidelines, it’s best to limit your intake to 2–3 ounces (56–84 grams) — about 16–24 small- to medium-sized olives — per day. Though olives may aid weight loss, they’re high in salt and fat — and eating too many of them may offset your weight loss success.

How long does it take for an olive tree to bear fruit?

It takes around three years to produce its first fruit. Once the first olives appear, the olive tree’s productivity increases considerably. It produces fruit constantly, meaning that it is a very fertile variety.

How many olive trees do you need to make olive oil?

Q: What is the minimum number of olive tree varieties needed to make olive oil? A: For olive oil and olives on small acreage you need 4 to 6 trees because of pollination issues. Multiple trees creates a better effect for fruit growing.

Why is olive oil so cheap right now?

Spain produces about half of the world’s olive oil. And sometimes, this facility alone makes more oil than the whole country of Italy. Because of surpluses like this, olive oil has become so cheap that many farmers can’t make a profit from the sale of olives alone.

Why is olive oil called liquid gold?

Homer called it “ liquid gold.” It was valued so highly at one point that olive oil was used as currency. In ancient Greece, athletes ritually rubbed it all over their body to help them perform at their best.

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What products can you make with olive oil?

12 Unexpected Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

  • Preshampoo Hair Treatment. Olive oil has been used as a hair treatment since ancient Egyptian times.
  • Lip Scrub. Combine coarse sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil for a chapped-lip fix.
  • Eye-Makeup Remover.
  • Ear-Wax Remedy.
  • Shine Serum.
  • Shaving Cream.
  • Antibacterial Balm.
  • Cuticle Conditioner.

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