Question: What Is Farming In Coc?

Is farming good in clash of clans?

Farm is when a player raid for resources and doesn’t care about Trophies. Even if they are also a high level player, they will know there are easier matches out there, so they are more likely to skip you unless you have a ton of resources or some other reason to make it worth their attack.

What are farming troops?

This is a new attack strategy created by FalterWang in the clan “brolyfe.” When using this attack strategy, only use it for farming, and you can either have 12 archers, 12 barbarians, or 6 of both.

Can you still farm in COC?

Yes, you can farm at any Town Hall level.

What’s the best army in clash of clans?

Here are ten of the most popular and devastating Clash of Clans attacks that you can use to dominate your opponents.

  1. 1 King/Queen/Healers/Golems/Wiz.
  2. 2 Drags/P.E.K.K.A.s/Healers/Giants.
  3. 3 Giants/Gobs/Archers.
  4. 4 Golems/Wiz/P.E.K.K.A.s.
  5. 5 Golems/Valks/Hog Riders.
  6. 6 Balloons/Archers.
  7. 7 Giants/Wiz/Healers.
  8. 8 Giants/Wiz/Loons.

What is the best league for TH11 farming?

Which is the best league to farm as a TH11 in Clash of Clans? – Quora. If you didn’t rush and your troops are good the mid masters is a good place to find dead th11 bases and make a decent amount of loot.

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Should I drop trophies COC?

Since higher level bases and more serious players tend to have more trophies, losing trophies will help you encounter more casual players. Especially if you are using a weak army like barch and having difficulty, it may be a good idea.

How is COC loot calculated?

The amount of loot available and the loot cap of the storages is based on your current Town Hall level. Lower Town Hall levels offer a highest percentage of loot, but higher levels of Town Hall offer a much bigger cap, increasing the amount of loot available every time you upgrade your Town Hall.

How do I get Otto Hut?

In order to obtain O.T.T.O Hut level 2 you must gear up all three types of buildings (Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar) in your Home Village. For level 3 you need to upgrade Cannon Carts to level 18. For level 4 you need to upgrade the Mega Tesla to level 9.

What is loot COC?

In Clash of Clans, attackers can steal a portion of your total stored loot in a raid. That amount varies depending on the defender’s and attacker’s Town Hall levels and how much loot the defender has in storage.

Where is the best loot in clash of clans?

Whether you are talking about storage loot or collector loot, the best loot is in the middle trophy range for your TH level: where ever you’d end up with a normal base layout if you didn’t play for a few weeks. If you drop too many trophies, you’ll end up amongst the loot -desert of goblin-knifers and Barchers.

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What is COC Gold Pass?

If you purchase the Gold Pass, you can unlock even more rewards and incredibly helpful Perks on top. The ultimate prize for Gold Pass holders is monthly changing Hero Skins! A complete list of Gold Pass exclusive rewards: Hero Skins – 1 skin per month.

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