Question: What To Do When Lanes Are Feeding On Farming Jungler?

What to do as jungler when every lane feeds?

If you succeed in ganking, push the lane in to tower with the laner until the jungle shows himself, or take the tower. Don’t just take creeps and leave. If the laner is too low, tell him to b before enemies come back. Towers are also a form of vision, killing them gets your team gold and some vision control back.

How do you win a feeding bot lane?

Go bot, kill the enemy, then do dragon. Also try not to think of it as luck. There is almost always something you can do to win the game. In this case, you would have to roam and help bot. Things to be aware of when trying to deny:

  1. Pushing the wave while trading.
  2. Jungler ganks.
  3. Dying during the dive without killing him.

How do you stop bot lane from feeding?

User Info: QuikScopsRKewl. If your bot lane is feeding, you need to realize the way that they play early on and make your way down there to shut down the enemy. If they are overextending and thats why they are getting killed, set up a tower dive. If they are getting dove, you should have been down there earlier.

How do you beat a bad JG?

Just focus on what you can do better. Alot of games you lose can be wo just by yourself doing better. Also make sure to communicate with your team, if your jungler is bad then you can help him by sharing where wards are, enemy summoner spells etc.

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Should I GANK a losing lane?

So – ganking for a losing lane is a HIGH RISK, LOW PAYOFF move. Low chance to get a kill and even the lane, high chance the gank fails, decent chance the enemy jungler is there and you get doublekilled. On the other hand, ganking for a lane that’s ahead is a LOW RISK, HIGH PAYOFF move.

Which lane should I GANK?

Many times, you can gank a lane early on and grab some kind of advantage that will snowball the game out of control. Because many champions begin to pull apart when they get kill potential with their ultimate abilities, a good idea is to gank right before a lane reaches level 6.

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