Quick Answer: Farming Sim 19 How To Move Bails?

Where do you take bales in Farming Simulator 2019?

Bottom right of the map, “Barn”. Right on the southern margin of the map west of the default farm location, also where the Biomass Heating Plant is. Bales sell at the building in the corner by the entrance.

How do you transport hay bales?

Safely Transporting Hay Bales

  1. Step #1: Always park trailers in a safe position while hay is being loaded.
  2. Step # 2: Load in sequence so the load is stable.
  3. Step #3: Keep load heights within normal ranges and always account for overhead obstructions you are likely to encounter.

Where do you sell bales in fs15?

In both Bjornholm and Westbridge Hills, there are specific locations where Hay bales may be sold. It is a brown barn with an open door, that has straw visibly spread out on the ground in front of the door. Drive any vehicle carrying Hay bales right up to the door, to automatically sell your Hay.

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How do you unload bales in Farming Simulator 17?

Note: To get the option to unload, the Bale Collector may need to be set to the “Operating Position”. 2. Move the Bale Collector into the exact position where you wish the Bale Stack to be created. At this point the bales are still held tightly, and will not fall out.

How do you make hay in Farming Simulator 19?

Use Tedders to get it – the available models differ only in their width. This machine scatters grass allowing it to wither – grass that wasn’t run over with tedders won’t turn into hay. Use Windrowers on hay. After that, you can collect hay with a baler or an auger wagon.

How do you pick up straw swath in Farming Simulator 19?

Creating Straw The Straw Swath is left in a long thin line directly behind the harvester. It can then be picked up by any Loading Wagon that is capable of carrying Straw.

Can you store straw fs19?

Re: straw storage Farmers don’t tend to store loose straw, it takes up too much space. It’s normally baled for storage, then you can stack them wherever you like.

Can you sell hay bales in Farming Simulator 2020?

Bales are one of the elements of farming Simulator 19 game. So, the building in the corner by the entrance, it is a place, where you can sell bales.

Where do I sell grass in Farming Simulator 19?

To sell Grass, simply dump it into the marked Sale Point at the Barn.

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How many round bales can a semi haul?

About 31 on a semi. You could haul 17,4×5 bales on 30′ gooseneck and not be over wieght. 40 on semi with 52′ with extentions and not be over wieght.

How much should I charge for hauling hay?

Figure $3.50 to $4.00 a loaded mile on trucking for hay less if you can load and unload in a van trailer.

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