Quick Answer: How Farming Light Works In Pagos?

How do I get light in Pagos?

The idea is you kill 4 of the plants that are there and then kill the dragon which is also there at the 5’s all the way up to 30. If you are lucky the dragon will proc and you will get a light gain of either feeble or gentle.

Can you solo Pagos?

Since the introduction of the Echo to Eureka in patch 5.1, it became possible to much more easily level solo in Eureka than previously. This page continues from the Solo Leveling in Anemos page. For general information about Pagos, please check the Pagos page.

How do I farm Pagos crystals?

** Pagos Crystals are obtained from NMs. Frosted Protean Crystals are obtained by filling the Eurekan Kettle with Light and converting the Vitiated Aether Crystals at the Forge located at 6,21 in Pagos. Light is obtained by chain farming or NMs. Louhi Ice is obtained from the Louhi NM, 3 are given for Gold rating.

What level should I go to Pagos?

While you don’t need to be elemental level 20 to enter Pagos, you will need to have completed the Anemos story line by finishing the final quest (available at elemental level 17).

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How do you get Pagos weapons?

Pagos weapons Frosted Protean Crystals can be obtained by building up “light”. Nearly every FATE and enemy in Eureka grants a varying amount of light upon defeat, and once a bar of light has been filled the player will receive a Vitiated Aether Crystal, which can be traded for a Frosted Protean Crystal.

How do you get cold warped lockboxes?

You get them through mutated mobs you fight. The mobs have different chances to mutate, some can do it all the time, others only do it during specific times of day/weather both etc.

How do you level Pagos?

Go to Animos> level up to 26 or 28> go to PAgos and shout for the NM train. At this point you’re only getting exp from the Fates when they pop. So start running around or hope someone in your group has a mount to carry more than one person around.

How many Pagos crystals do you need?

You need 10 Frosted Protean Crystals and 500 Pagos Crystals for the second step. Where are you getting the 500 Pagos Crystals from?

What is the fastest way to level up in Eureka?

There are a few ways to level up quickly while you’re in Eureka. If you’re going in as a solo player, you should focus on just killing enemies that are at your level. This will give you the most experience. However, avoid fighting enemies that have already been claimed or tagged by other players or parties.

What do you do with Pagos crystals?

Step 2: Pagos Frosted Protean Crystals are obtained via gathering “Light” which is available after level 25 once you ‘ve completed the level 20 and 23 quests for Krile. Each bar of “Light” can be turned in at the Forge for 1 Frosted Protean Crystal. You can hold up to a maximum of 9 bars of “Light” at one time.

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How do you get vitiated Aether?

Once you reach elemental level 25, Krile will ask you to find another confluence. At the same time she will tell you, that Gerolt wants to talk to you about your weapon. Once you speak with him, he will give you a Kettle to fill with Vitiated Aether. You collect this by slaying monsters and notorious monsters in Pagos.

How many Pyro crystals are there?

Pyros crystals: You will need 150 crystals for the first weapon part, then 200, then 300 for 650 total. These only drop from NM’s.

How do you unlock Eureka?

To unlock Eureka, you need to start the quest at Rhalgr’s Research, near crafting place. Then you will finish the quest at Kugane, Pier #1 aetheryte. At that place, you need to speak with NPC there to queue and enter Eureka Land (similar to Palace of the Dead).

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