Quick Answer: Warframe Bursa Farming Why?

How do you kill Bursa in Warframe?

options include:

  1. shooting the Bursa in the legs any time it is standing, for reduced, but still okay Damage.
  2. shooting the Bursa in the Gun, for highly reduced Damage.
  3. shooting from the side/behind, for normal Damage.
  4. shooting the Hack Panel on the back, for triple Damage!
  5. Blast Status will slightly stun the Bursa.

How do you farm juggernaut?

Juggernaut spawns reliably on Isos, Eris and Armaros, Europa. Ignore the Infested along the way, capture your target, and the Juggernaut will roar shortly after. For the Sands of Inaros quest step repeat this five times. Armaros, Europa is a low-level mission with common Juggernaut spawns.

Where can I farm Hyekka master?

Farming Locations

Planet Name Tile Set
Saturn Helene Grineer Galleon
Sedna Hydron Grineer Galleon
Lua Stöfler Orokin Moon
Saturn Rhea Grineer Asteroid

Where do railgun Moas spawn?

All you have to do is run Larissa on Neptune. They started spawning around the second objective for me and I just stuck around after completing the mission and killed them until the stopped producing the effect on my screen.

Where is the brood mother in Warframe?

Farming Locations

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Planet Name Tile Set
Earth Tikal Grineer Forest
Ceres Gabii Grineer Galleon
Uranus Assur Grineer Galleon
Eris Isos Infested Ship

Where can I farm Prime Warframes?

Endless missions (defense, excavation, survival, interception, etc) are typically good places to farm for relics. Sanctuary Onslaught is also a very good newer option.

Where do I farm Inaros prime?

The best farming locations for Inaros Prime components in Warframe.

  • Blueprint – Axi W1 (Uncommon)
  • Systems – Lith M6 (Rare)
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – Meso I1 (Rare)
  • Chassis Blueprint – Neo T3 (Uncommon)
  • Systems (12 hours or 25 Platinum)
  • Nueroptics (12 hours or 25 Platinum)
  • Chassis (12 hours or 25 Platinum)

What Warframes have primes?


  • Ash Prime.
  • Banshee Prime.
  • Chroma Prime.
  • Ember Prime.
  • Equinox Prime.
  • Excalibur Prime.
  • Frost Prime.

Where is juggernaut in Cambion drift?

the cambion drift, the jordas golem bossfight, and the uranus disruption mission can all spawn juggernauts that count for the purpose of that quest.

What does juggernaut mean?

1: a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path an advertising juggernaut a political juggernaut. 2 chiefly British: a large heavy truck.

How do you harvest Pherliac pods in Warframe?

Harvest Pherliac Pods from Juggernauts In order to create Pherliac Pods, players must hunt down Infested Juggernauts that can be found throughout any Infested-occupied space, and harvest the parts and blueprint necessary to build them.

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