Quick Answer: What Are Some Benefits And Consequences Of Modern Farming Techniques?

What are some benefits and consequences of modern farming techniques answers com?

Some benefits and consequences of modern farming techniques are:

  • Allows crop production to keep up with population growth.
  • Creates crops vulnerable to disease.
  • Creates higher crop yields.
  • Biodiversity has been greatly reduces by monoculture.
  • Terracing allows farming on steep hillsides.

What are the advantages of using modern farming techniques?

What are the advantages of using modern farming methods?

  • Increase in production.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Improvement in living standards of farmers.
  • Growth of economy n country.
  • Good quality of produce.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern farming methods?

Yields of basic crops such as rice and grain progressed dramatically, the cost of food dwindled, the rate of gain in crop yields frequently kept speed with people extension which results in the reduction of hunger rate in the world.

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What are the advantages of modern farming methods Class 9?

The advantages of using modern farming methods are as follows:

  • Increase in production.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Improvement in living standard of farmers.
  • Growth of economy and country.
  • Good quality produce.
  • Modern means of storage has reduced wastage of foodgrains.
  • Crop protection is an important feature.

Which of the following is a benefit of agriculture answers com?

Agriculture is a process of growing crops for fulfilling the demand of food for large human population. This way agriculture is beneficial for yielding milk and eggs.

What are the impacts of modern farming?

Positive and negative impacts of modern farming technology

Positive Negative
Increased profit for the farmer Increase in noise pollution
Less physical work for people Fewer jobs available
Fewer workers so less wages for farmer to pay As people become unemployed, they move away to find work leading to rural depopulation

What are the main features of modern farming?

The basic features of modern agricultural techniques are:

  • (i) HYV seeds: Under the new agricultural strategy special emphasis has been placed on the development and widespread adoption of high yielding varieties of seeds.
  • (ii) Chemical Fertilizers:
  • (iii) Irrigation:
  • (iv) Pesticides:
  • (v) Multiple Cropping:

Why is modern farming bad?

Our foods are becoming less nutrient-rich and are contaminated by pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Global conventional agriculture also has negative social consequences, including land-grabbing, unfair working conditions and excessive waste.

What are the two disadvantages of modern farming?

Disadvantages of Modern Technology in Agriculture

  • Reduce the Fertility of the Soil. The excessive usage of technology in the fields reduces the fertility of the soils.
  • Lack of Education in Farmers.
  • Use of Fertilizers and Pesticides.
  • High Maintaining Cost.
  • Environmental Damage.
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What are modern methods of farming?

What Are The Modern Ways Of Farming?

  • Monoculture: Although this method is a modern method, it is also one of the conservative means of farming.
  • Chemical pest control: Pests are any living creatures that cause harm to your farm produce.
  • Tillage:
  • Genetic Manipulation:
  • Irrigation:
  • Application of Inorganic Fertilizer:

What are some modern farming techniques?

Some major technologies that are most commonly being utilized by farms include: harvest automation, autonomous tractors, seeding and weeding, and drones.

What are the modern methods of farming class 9?

Modern farming method: Modern farming method means the use of HYV seeds, tube wells for irrigation, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, machineries like tractors and threshers to increase the agricultural production.

What are the disadvantages of modern farming methods Class 9?

  • water retaining capacity of the soil decreases.
  • pesticides may kill useful insects.
  • money spent on agriculture increases.
  • it is not sustainable.
  • they pollute the environment.

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