Quick Answer: What Happened As A Result Of The Large Boer Farming Sett?

What did Western nations hope to gain?

What’s the western nations hope to gain by establishing new colonies after 1880? Raw materials for their industries and markets to sell their products.

What was early resistance to colonial rule?


Question Answer
early resistance to colonial rule was based on anger at bad treatment
Britain bought Egypt’s share in the Suez canal because it would connect Britain with its interests in India. TRUE


Which segment of society grew as a result of the new prosperity in Imperialized areas?

Which segment of Latin American society grew as a result of the new prosperity? redistribution of land.

How did imperialism give rise to African nationalism?

How did European imperialism give rise to African nationalism? European governors of African colonies helped the Africans learn how to govern themselves. Educated Africans rebelled because they recognized the hypocrisy of the Europeans’ treatment of them.

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What was a major goal of David Livingstone’s exploration?

David Livingstone was a Scottish missionary, doctor, abolitionist, and explorer who lived in the 1800s. He sought to bring Christianity, commerce, and “civilization” to Africa and undertook three extensive expeditions throughout much of the continent.

What was the true of indirect control?

What was true of indirect control? It had limited self rule. What did indirect control and direct control have in common? They both based government institutions on European styles.

What happen when the Ottoman Empire weakened?

What happened when the Ottoman Empire weakened? When the Ottoman Empire weakened, social, political and economic effects occurred. Corruption and theft caused financial chaos. Although Russia lost the war, the Ottomans lost almost all of their land in Europe and parts of Africa.

What were three benefits and three problems of colonial rule?

Three benefits of colonial rule and three problems of colonial rule were social, political, and economic. On the bright side, European governments reduced local conflicts, Europeans brought Africa deeper into the world economy, and railroads, dams, and telephone and telegraph lines were built.

Why did African resistance against colonial rule fail?

It had success such as Ethiopia’s ability to remain independent and the Chilembwe insurrection; it also had its failures such as lack of technology and lack of unity.

What was one effect of nation industrialization?

One of the most important effect of nation industrialization was that the nations became more self sufficient or self reliant. The nations started producing the goods that they required and they did not have to look up to other countries to get the goods imported. this helped the economy grow as well.

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Why was imperialism The most important cause of ww1?

European Expansionism The expansion of European nations as empires (also known as imperialism ) can be seen as a key cause of World War I, because as countries like Britain and France expanded their empires, it resulted in increased tensions among European countries.

How did imperialism lead to WWI?

How did Imperialism cause WWI? Nations competed for more land, colonies and raw materials. Great Britain and Germany competed industrially, which led to these nations needing more raw materials. Germany controlled the territory known as Alsace-Lorraine, which they gained from France after the Franco-Prussian War.

What are 3 examples of the rise of nationalism in Africa?

What are three examples of the rise of nationalism in Africa? Pan-Africanism emphasized the unity of Africans and people of African descent. A Pan- African Congress called on Paris peacemakers to approve a charter of rights for Africans. Negritude writers awakened pride in African roots.

Why was most African resistance to imperialism unsuccessful?

African resistance movements usually unsuccessful because of the Europeans’ superior arms. The contest between African states and European powers was never equal. Contempt for the traditional culture and admiration of European life undermined stable societies and casue identity problems for Africans.

What are the main causes of nationalism?

Introduce the roots of nationalism

  • historical—attachment to longstanding conditions and practices.
  • political—desire for power or autonomy.
  • social—concern for group values, customs and traditions.
  • economic—concern for standard of living or monetary gain.
  • geographic—affiliation with particular territory.

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