Quick Answer: What Is Farming Hay Called?

What is hay in agriculture?

Hay, in agriculture, dried grasses and other foliage used as animal feed. Usually the material is cut in the field while still green and then either dried in the field or mechanically dried by forced hot air. Typical hay crops are timothy, alfalfa, and clover.

What is cutting hay called?

Haymaking combines science and art. Old-timers knew just the right feel of hay before it was ready to be put into the barn. In that process, the hay is cut and wilted, and then chopped and preserved by fermentation in the silo or wrapped into large round bales.

What are those hay bales called?

Square vs Round Bales Hay can be baled in many different shapes and sizes. Balers that produce the large round bales you see dotting the countryside are the most common type of balers available today. These balers produce what are referred to as ton bales. These bales of hay can weigh up to 1,500 pounds.

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Why do farms have hay?

Hay is usually fed to livestock when they cannot graze or be in a pasture, either because it is winter or because of drought. Different animals have different nutritional requirements. Farmers carefully monitor what an animal is eating, to make sure the animals are healthy.

What does good hay look like?

Good quality hay should be bright green in color with little fading. A bleached, yellow, brown or black color may indicate aged hay, mold or poor storage conditions. Storage condition and age have a significant effect on vitamin content of hays. In some cases, they can replace hay in the diet entirely.

Where is Hay found?

Hay is grass, legumes, or other herbaceous plants that have been cut and dried to be stored for use as animal fodder, particularly for large grazing animals raised as livestock, such as cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. However, it is also fed to smaller domesticated animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Which is better 1st or 2nd cut hay?

First cut hay is coarser than second cut, this is because the spring growth (rain, etc.) leads to thicker stems and stalks and heavier leaves. Second cut hay has a finer texture and usually, a greener color and heavier leaves. It is more dense, the leaves are more tender and healthier, especially in protein.

Which hay cutting is best?

The first cutting usually has a higher weed content, and quality decreases after the second cutting, so the second cutting is usually the best to feed. Bermudagrass hay is used mostly in the southern United States.

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How long is hay good for?

You can store hay indefinitely if the stack is managed correctly; although, in humid climates, using hay within three years of harvest is ideal. Hay growers need to bale it at correct moisture levels because if it’s baled too damp the hay will generate heat, which leads to molding.

Why do farmers leave rolls of hay in the field?

These rolls of hay, compiled of grass, legumes, and other plants, are cut, dried, and rolled to store on the land for the animals to graze on. They are imperative for grazing animals when the pasture doesn’t provide the correct nutrients or if the weather doesn’t permit grazing access.

What do farmers use hay for?

In many parts of the world, farmers depend on hay to feed their cattle, sheep, or horses during the long winter period. In periods of drought, hay can also be used to feed animals when normal grazing is not enough. Many farmers specialize in growing hay that they sell to other farmers in their region.

How much does a square bale of hay cost?

From the hay market, square bales, on average, will cost you between $3 and $10 per bale, but some farmers prefer selling their hay per pound, in which case such a bale will be around 50 pounds.

Are hay farms profitable?

“If you are getting $125 per ton for quality hay, you are going to see a profit of $51 per ton, or $204 per acre. “The potential is there to make some pretty good money on hay.” Brown says producers could decide to grow higher-quality hay and sell into the dairy or specialty hay markets.

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How many times can you harvest hay in a year?

In most areas of the country, grass hay can be cut twice, sometimes three times, per year. The first cutting generally has the largest yield. Some animals, like sheep, prefer the tender stems of second or third cutting hay.

What do you need to start a hay farm?

However, purchasing hay -growing equipment — at a minimum you ‘ll need a tractor, mower, hay rake and baler — is costly and will likely prevent you from earning a profit your first year or two in business. A hay business depends on two things: cooperative weather and a reliable customer base.

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