Readers ask: Borderlands Pre Sequel Where To Get White Weapon Farming?

What Bosses Can you farm in borderlands the pre-sequel?

Check out the full list of legendary items you can farm inside Borderlands the Pre – Sequel. Respawnable boss

  • Tiny Destroyer (Drops the legendary Moon Saga)
  • Boomer (Drops the legendary Kerboom)
  • Rabid Adams.
  • Giant Shuggarath.
  • Bruce.
  • Rooster Booster.
  • Even-More-Disgusting Tork (Drops the legendary Flakker)
  • Tony Slows.

How do you get legendary weapons in Borderlands pre-sequel?

How to get Legendaries

  1. Random drops from specific and random enemies.
  2. Getting 3 vault icons at the slot machines in Moxxi’s bar.
  3. Item deal in a Vending Machine.
  4. Quests.
  5. Grinder.

Can you get legendary weapons from the grinder?

2K Games’ Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has plenty to offer. In addition, The Pre-Sequel lets players grind unwanted weapons using a special device located in Concordia. With it, you can gain better Legendary weapons, along with secondary Luneshine enhancements that make a difference in battle.

Should I kill Tony slows borderlands?

Notes. Initially friendly but turns hostile when the flight data recorder is stolen. He is not actively aggressive towards Vault Hunters and therefore can be left alone. Killing him or not does not change outcome of the mission.

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What is the best gun in borderlands the pre-sequel?

Ol’ Rosie is undeniably one of the best weapons in the game and has an insane damage out when you get high Maelstrom stacks if you can handle the recoil.

Does Iwajira drop Legendaries?

Iwajira has an increased chance to drop the legendary Thingy launcher.

What is the max level in Borderlands pre-sequel?

Additionally, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 is included as bonus content in the last add-on pack in the Borderlands: The Pre – Sequel Season Pass, which raises the level cap to 70, giving each of your characters 10 new levels, plus 10 new skill points to earn!

Can you grind legendary Oz kits?

No you cannot grind those.

Can’t Moonstone grind 3 purples?

Note: You will not get the moonstone grind option if you don’t have enough moonstones. The only way you can moonstone grind purps into legendaries is if you grind two guns of one type (this determines the gun type outcome) and another of any other type. You also can’t grind items that come from the golden chest.

How do you get Luneshine weapons from the grinder?

Luneshine weapon sources

  1. The Grinder in Concordia: Grinding with moonstones guarantees the best possible result, with a slight chance of generating luneshine weapons.
  2. Moonstone Chests: Each requires 40 moonstones to open, and have a chance of containing at least one luneshine weapon.

Are there op levels in pre-sequel?

There are no overpower levels in TPS, this guy must have been using gibbed. It’s using the same engine as bl2, so it could have bugged itself. Don’t worry, I gotcha.

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How many missions are in Borderlands pre-sequel?

There are 73 missions available in Borderlands: The Pre – Sequel, excluding DLC. Story missions are numbered and highlighted in bold text.

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