Readers ask: Farming Sim 9 Where To Sell Bales?

Where can I sell my grass bales fs19?

r/farmingsimulator. Barn is the only place if you don’t own the BGA. At most it’s around $400 per 1k liter at the barn but the price fluctuates. If you buy the BGA it’s fixed at $500.

What do you do with grass bales fs19?

Wrapping. At any time, you may use a Bale Wrapper to turn your Grass bales into Silage bales.

Where can I sell hay bales fs17?

You can also sell bales in the round rings inside the cow field, and at the horse barn at field 27.

Can you wrap straw bales fs19?

Baling technology allows you to collect hay, grass or straw, turn them into balers, and wrap them. This gives you bales which are convenient to load, transport, and store.

How do you unload bales in Farming Simulator 17?

Note: To get the option to unload, the Bale Collector may need to be set to the “Operating Position”. 2. Move the Bale Collector into the exact position where you wish the Bale Stack to be created. At this point the bales are still held tightly, and will not fall out.

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Is there a bale limit on FS 19?

All very interesting to someone that enjoys the baling side of the game. The issue is though the 200 bale limit for console. This comes into effect when you want to run a large inventory ie stacking bales in a shed or the requirement to run a inventory to get through the winter ie seasons.

What is the most profitable crop in fs19?

As you can see, the most profitable crop is corn, converting it into chopped straw and obtaining silage for sale in the Biogas Plant. However, ensuring maximum productivity for a large (even 1 ha) field requires expensive equipment. The second and third place is held by sugarcane and sugar beet respectively.

Do grass bales rot in fs19?

Grass bales will gradually rot and disappear after two days, unless they are wrapped so that they become silage bales. These bales will only rot if the map has been prepared with a so called Seasons mask. Chaff in bunkers will take one third of a season to ferment (same time as bales ), and is not affected by weather.

Where can I dump straw in fs19?

There are two ways to dump Straw into the cow shed:

  • Loose Straw loaded into a Loading Wagon can be unloaded directly into the cow shed by driving up to it and using the “Unload” function.
  • Straw Bales can be loaded into a Bale Shredder or Mixer Wagon, which can then be driven up to the cow shed to unload.

Where do you go to sell straw in Farming Simulator 19?

What map are you on? The barn, if you click on the price in the menu it will let you tag the location and put a green marker on it. In Ravenport it’s up the hill behind your starting farm.

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