Readers ask: How To Deal With A Doomfist Farming Healers?

How does Doomfist counter healer?

Wait for him to dive, whipshot his ass while he’s using seismic slam before he lands. stun him during punch and knock you both down and hopefully your team kills him, he will definitely retreat after if he doesn’t have ult. If he uppercuts you, immediately shield and block the next two shots them stun.

Is Doomfist a tank?

Doomfist had also be considered as a Tank class, but Blizzard did not want to make the mistake again of having a high-health character with powerful attacks as they had initially with Roadhog at the game’s introduction.

Who can beat Doomfist?

Pharah, Roadhog, and Orisa are 3 characters that come to mind as counters to Doomfist. Pharah can shoot him from the skies, and doomfist doesn’t really have any attacks to hit pharah from the air, especially if they’re doing a pharmercy.

Is Baptist a main healer?

Baptiste’s healing output in game slightly surpasses Ana and approaches Mercy at the highest tiers. Needless to say, Baptiste can certainly be a main healer and compete with nearly any other support hero – with the obvious caveat that multiple teammates need to be in the area-of-effect of both his healing abilities.

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Is Doomfist good in competitive?

Actually the most fun dps hero to play overall, and he’s great into double shield comps. Having sym in the meta is nice as well. Overall I like the current meta a lot.

Is Doomfist easy?

Doomfist is hard to initially pick up due to him being a non traditional FPS character but once you get over that hurdle he’s pretty easy.

How do you counter a Junkrat?

Overwatch > Counters > Junkrat Since the general strategy for Junkrat is to hang back and Spray-N-Pray. Characters who have long range damage tend to be Strong Junkrat Counters, Junkrat Hero Counters like Pharah and Widowmaker can easily deal with a junkrat.

How old is Genji?

Real Name Genji Shimada (島田 源氏)
Aliases Sparrow
Age 35
Nationality Japanese


What is Genji’s last name?

Also for Genji if you read the Tale of Genji, his actual name is Hikaru “the Emperor lowered Hikaru’s rank to civilian, giving him the clan name Minamoto ( Genji )”.

Why does Doomfist melee with left hand?

It is a gameplay decision. The smaller left hand obscures less of the screen when your model crosses the center of the screen. Because every ability already uses his huge fist “Never punch with your pitching hand!”

How hard is Doomfist?

Doomfist isn’t easy to play, but until they change the rocket punch ability, he will have a relatively easy ability that can kill almost any hero every 4 seconds. It is, in my opinion, very overpowered which makes his skill cap not as high as it probably should be.

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How do I beat Doomfist as Genji?

Genji’s effective range is usually super up-close. Forget about that with Doom. Evade, and use primary fire to poke from a distance. Only use dash for a killing blow, otherwise save it to escape close quarters.

Does Reaper counter Doomfist?

Reaper counters Doomfist. Because of Doomfist big hitbox, Reaper can shred him. Doomfist shotgun is weaker than Reaper. Reaper isn’t really a counter to Doomfist but its an annoying match up for both Reaper and Doomfist.

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