Readers ask: What Is The Meaning Of Subsistence Farming?

What are examples of subsistence farming?

Corn is the only subsistence crop of the presented options. Tobacco, cotton, and rice are all high intensive plantation crops.

Why is it called subsistence farming?

Subsistence agriculture occurs when farmers grow food crops to meet the needs of themselves and their families on smallholdings. Subsistence agriculturalists target farm output for survival and for mostly local requirements, with little or no surplus. Most subsistence farmers today operate in developing countries.

What is subsistence farming class 12?

Subsistence agriculture is one in which the farming areas consume all of the products that are locally grown. Intensive Subsistence Agriculture: Under this type of farming, land holdings are very small and farmers work with the help of family labour leading to intensive use of land with limited used of machinery.

What does subsistence mean?

the state or fact of subsisting. the state or fact of existing. the providing of sustenance or support. means of supporting life; a living or livelihood. the source from which food and other items necessary to exist are obtained.

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What is the best example of subsistence farming?

Subsistence farming may also mean shifting farming or nomadic herding (see nomadic people). Examples: A family has only one cow to give milk only for that family. A farmer grows only enough wheat to make bread for his or her family.

What are the 3 major types of subsistence agriculture?

Subsistence Agricultural Regions: Shifting cultivation (2) Pastoral nomadism ( 3 ) Intensive subsistence: wet rice dominant (4)

What are the advantages of subsistence farming?

One of the benefits of Subsistence Agriculture is that it is cheap and cost effective. No requirement of huge investments as would otherwise have been needed by a commercial farmer is the prime reason for its cost effectiveness. The tools, kits and implements that are used are easy to obtain and mostly not expensive.

What is another name for subsistence farming?

• farming for basic needs (noun) undersoil, crop farming, truck farming.

What is the other name of subsistence farming?

other words for subsistence farming Compare Synonyms. crop farming. truck farming. undersoil.

What is subsistence farming class 12th?

Subsistence farming, form of farming in which nearly all of the crops or livestock raised are used to maintain the farmer and the farmer’s family, leaving little, if any, surplus for sale or trade. Preindustrial agricultural peoples throughout the world have traditionally practiced subsistence farming.

What do you mean by subsistence farming class 12?

Subsistence agriculture means producing crops for self-consumption rather than for marketing. 1386 Views.

What do you understand by subsistence farming class 12?

Subsistence farming refers to agricultural production, where farmers incur huge expenditure by using fertilizers, pesticides, required labor, and capital to produce maximum yield for a given area of land. Other crops such as rice, wheat, maize, pulses, and oilseeds are used in this type of farming.

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What’s another word for subsistence?

What is another word for subsistence?

nourishment food
sustenance fare
nutriment provisions
victuals chow
grub eats


What are subsistence items?

Travel and subsistence expenses describe the cost of spending on business travel, meals, hotels, sundry items such as laundry (though usually only on long trips) and similar ad hoc expenditures.

Is subsistence a good perk?

Subsistence is a great perk, but it needs something like Rampage for it to truly shine, while Outlaw/FF are more universal and work with every damage perk except High-Impact Reserves.

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