What Are The Effects Of Geography And Climate On Farming?

How does geography affect farming?

Physical geography features (access to water, climate, soil types, landforms) influence how people farm in a region. Irrigation, terrace farming, deforestation, desertification, and the drainage of wetlands have occurred as farmers try to increase production to feed an ever-growing human population.

How does climate change affect farmers?

Climate change has the potential to disrupt crop productivity, and in turn affect domestic agricultural production, consumption, and food security. Sustaining agricultural production growth to help achieve inclusive growth and poverty reduction is a key goal for the Philippine government.

What are the factors affecting farming?

Physical environmental factors: Agriculture depends to a great extent on the physical factors of natural environment. ➢ Climate: The agricultural activities of the farmers are conditioned by the seasonal and spatial variations in the distribution of climatic elements.

What are the main factors of farming?

Climate, land relief, soil and vegetation are the main factors which influence agricultural activity. The growth of plants depends on the temperature and humidity of the land and the amount of light it receives.

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What are 5 effects of climate change?

Increased heat, drought and insect outbreaks, all linked to climate change, have increased wildfires. Declining water supplies, reduced agricultural yields, health impacts in cities due to heat, and flooding and erosion in coastal areas are additional concerns.

How will climate change affect human health?

Climate change increases the risk of illness through increasing temperature, more frequent heavy rains and runoff, and the effects of storms. Health impacts may include gastrointestinal illness like diarrhea, effects on the body’s nervous and respiratory systems, or liver and kidney damage.

What is the number one cause of global warming?

The evidence is clear: the main cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. When burnt, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the air, causing the planet to heat up.

What are the environmental factors that affect agriculture?

Environmental factors that influence the extent of crop agriculture are terrain, climate, soil properties, and soil water. It is the combination of these four factors that allow specific crops to be grown in certain areas.

What is the importance of a farming system?

Combining ecological sustainability and economic viability, the integrated livestock- farming system maintains and improves agricultural productivity while also reducing negative environmental impacts. Farming enterprises include crop, livestock, poultry, fish, sericulture etc.

What is the biological factors affecting farming system?

The beneficial influences of soil biota include nitrogen fixation, nutrient cycling and supply, improved soil structure, promotion of plant and root growth, and disease control or suppression. Detrimental influences include those of root pathogens and deleterious rhizobacteria.

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What are the components of farming system?

The farming system takes into account the components of soil, water, crops, livestock, labour, capital, energy and other resources, with the farm family at the centre managing agriculture and related activities.

What is a physical factor?

Physical factors refer to fitness, skills and tactics. Fitness covers agility, CRE, flexibility and power. These can impact performance in different ways.

What are the edaphic factors affecting agricultural production?

These include water stress (flooding and drought), temperature (extreme cold and heat), nutrients deficiency and toxicity (major and minor elements), soil pH (acidic or salinity), excess light, and mechanical stress.

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