What Difficulty Is Best For Farming Familiars In Bit Heroes?

How do you get better familiars in bit heroes?

Every time a monster is defeated while questing, there is a small chance for a prompt to appear allowing the player to persuade or bribe the monster into becoming their familiar: Persuade: Spend gold for a 10 to 40% success chance to catch the familiar. Bribe: Spend gems for a 100% guaranteed familiar catch.

How do you get stronger in bit heroes?

Make Friends to Start Grinding Early, Then Do Heroic Runs With two level 20+ characters on your team, you can easily grind through the first zone to power level. Once you get your level up, the best way to grind is to do heroic runs.

How do you get Glarzdos?

The glarzdos schem only drop from the 3xtermination world boss and is said to be the hardest part of getting him so if i were you i would focus doing wb first for both the schem and the mats first, after you get the schem and enough mats, focus on doing heroic tealk dungeon for higher capture chance.

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What should I spend Gems on in bit heroes?

  • healing/shielding pet and damage type accessory from sale(around 850 gems each).
  • Start saving gems for 5100 gem acc/pet and bribing fams.
  • If you have found a good legendary familiar schematic and all the required schems needed for it, bribe the last familiars needed for it with gems, even before buying epic pet/acc.

What does speed do in bit heroes?

Speed boosts applies on your turn rate, not on your agility score. If you have a gear with 20% speed boost, a 2% speed rune and a 1% speed enchant, you would get a 23% boost on your turn rate.

Can you trade in bit heroes?

Within Bit Heroes, trading is the process of converting materials into something else via an NPC. Therefore, a TRADE section can be found in the craft-menu. Via filters the player can select the rarity and type of trade.

What do schematics do in bit heroes?

Schematics are the recipe you need to create new fusions in the game. Every fusion has a specific Schematic you will need to gain to unlock and fuse it. Where can I find Schematic X? The best place to look for a specific schematic is to go to the areas where the familiars needed for the recipe live.

How do I get a pet in bit heroes?

Most pets can be purchased at the Shop and the Guild Shop. Several pets were distributed exclusively in events, and can’t be purchased. There are offensive and defensive pets.

How do you get accessories in bit heroes?

Most accessories can be purchased at the Shop and the Guild Shop. Several accessories were distributed exclusively in events, and can’t be purchased.

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Where do you get Shrump bit heroes?


  • Shrump is found in Z1D2 and Z1D4.
  • Grampz is found in Z2D2 and Z2D4.

How do I change my appearance in bit heroes?

To equip a cosmetic, tap your character profile in the bottom left corner of the menu. Once you are on your character’s profile you can alter a cosmetic by selecting the purple ‘c’ icon on the left side of the screen for the appearance of a piece of equipment you wish to alter.

How do you get Starweave bit in heroes?

The Starweave Dungeon Galaran is found in Zone 8 (Oblitaran). By clearing the dungeon you gain the first crafting material named Suthine Shard used to create Starweave. The second crafting material used named Ropralt Crystal is created by combining materials melted from various T9 mythic items.

How do you get the robot Sprocket bit in heroes?

Robot sprockets can drop everywhere, unfortunately, so the only way to get them is to keep playing and wait. I have found one in z1d1, one in tier 20ish gauntlet, and 2 in raid 1. At least for me you may go for a while without seeing one and then all of a sudden you have a bunch.

What is Empower bit heroes?

Empower triggers the same way how critical works. It triggers DURING your attack or heal not BEFORE you make a move.

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